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Afternoon Enrichment Classes for Grades 2-8 (June 19 - July 14)

Tailored to meet the individual needs, interests, and abilities of students, afternoon enrichment classes provide a safe and inclusive environment where students are free to take risks and make friends. 

We are no longer accepting applications for our afternoon enrichment classes for Grades 2-8.

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12:30 to 1:30pm Classes

Keyboarding: Develop and practice an essential skill for school success. A personalized approach to learning the keyboard will be taken using a program that is dynamic, stimulating, and sequential. Great for new typists or those wishing to improve basic skills. 

Energy Blast: Get active and have a blast! Utilize strategy, teamwork, and engage in friendly competition through a variety of games, sports, and activities. 

3D Printing: Dive into the world of 3D printing. Learn about basic CAD design and modeling, using these skills to design a 3D model to be printed.

Are you Game?: Using computers, Nintendo Wii and iPad apps, play a variety of individual and group video games. Some will be educational, some recreational, and others may even include using a pair of VR goggles.

Summer Sweets and Treats: Beat the summer heat by preparing "cool" snacks and treats! Learn to make watermelon smoothies, icy pudding pops, fresh squeezed lemonade, and other refreshing treats. 

Guitar and Ukulele Workshop: Become the musician you have always wanted to be and take your musical talents to the next level! Learn the basics of guitar or ukulele through sequential instruction, hands-on excersises, and audio and video recordings.

Art, Art, Art: Come and explore many exciting art mediums and discover your creativity. Explore oil pastels, drawing, paint, printmaking, and creative projects using recycled materials. 

Crafts, Cards and Creations: Welcome to the wonderful world of jewelry and card design. Design and create cards, necklaces, key chains, bracelets using stamps, and craft items. 

1:30 to 3:30pm Classes

Adventure Club: This activity-based program is designed to facilitate the development and maintenance of positive social relationships. Instructors will transport students off-site to participate in a variety of activities, including bowling, swimming, roller-skating, trampoline jumping, and more. 

Piano Lab: Learn musical notation in a fun and social way as the foundation is laid for great piano technique. Gain a well-rounded understanding of the piano, discover historical composers from around the world, and learn the important musical skills and concepts all musicians should know. 

Tasty Summer Sensations: Learn about the fresh flavors of the season by preparing summertime favorites. Recipe selections will include taco salads in tortilla shells, scrumptious shortcakes with whipped cream and berries, garden pizzas, and other delicious creations.

Ceramic Scupting: Turn a piece of clay into something memorable and interesting. Combine the process of sculpting, glazing, and surface design using creativity and imagination.  

Ceramic Throwing: Learn the process of properly throwing a pot on the potter's wheel. Create functional pots and explore the art of glazing and surface design. 

Making a Maker: Using the tools in the makerspace (Arduino boards, 3D printer, wood carving CNC, laser cutter) we will learn about the process of design and problem solving, using these skills to build a personal project from the ground up. 

Movie Producers: Combine the skills of acting, writing, directing, and editing to create a summer blockbuster. Using the iPad and movie software, ideas will come to life collaboratively.  

Nature Explorers: Participate in guided hikes and outdoor activities themed around exploring the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Hiking destinations will include Theodore Wirth Park, Westwood Hills Nature Center, Minnehaha Falls, and Three Rivers Park System.

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