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Morning Academic Program for Grades 2-8 (June 19 - July 14)

Our morning academic program is designed for students from the outside community who have a learning disability, such as dyslexia, and/or an attention disorder, such as ADHD, that affects academic achievement. 

We are no longer accepting applications for our morning academic program for Grades 2-8.

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Reading and Spelling Overview

Groves teachers use the Wilson Reading System® to improve student reading and spelling abilities. With an emphasis on direct, sequential, multi-sensory instruction, Wilson trained teachers use a diagnostic prescriptive approach and tailor instruction to the issues and successes of each student. Based on the tenets of Orton-Gillingham instruction, Wilson is a research-based approach designed to help all students become better readers and spellers.

For students who are reading at, or close to, grade level, emphasis will be placed on reading fluency and comprehension.  Fluency is addressed through oral reading of controlled text, while comprehension focuses on main idea, supporting details, plot sequence, summarazation, vocabulary development, and the introduction of inferential thinking. 

Writing Overview

Our teachers use explicit instruction to teach sentence and paragraph structure, which includes significant practice with teacher feedback. Instruction focuses on solidifying skills in a direct and sequential manner. Students learn to build and expand simple sentences before they learn paragraph organization and essay writing. The goal is to build a strong foundation upon which more sophisticated written language skills can be developed.

Math Overview

Math can be difficult for students who have learning differences because there are two distinct aspects - computation and conceptualization - involved in mathematical processing. Computation is problematic for students with ADHD or dysgraphia because they have difficulty with the details and sequencing of math problems. Students with conceptual math difficulties often have trouble with the language of mathematics.

The Groves Academy approach to math helps students with both types of issues by providing direct, sequential, and multi-sensory instruction. Students learn both the concepts and the processes of mathematical operations. All classes work with applying mathematical principles in problem solving and critical thinking skills involving word problems.

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